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Some people call this stretchfilm or industrial cling film. It is used to keep boxes stable on a pallet.

All our clear film is manufactured from cast polythene, this gives it better clarity and reduces the noise when the film comes off the roll. We have three grades medium, which can be used for securing pallets with a weigh up to 500kg, Heavy for pallet weights up to 1000kg and extra heavy duty for securing heavy or sharp items such as bricks.

We also supply black palletwrap which can be used when you want to keep your products protected from sunlight or prying eyes!

We also suppl a product called Handywrap which is 100mm and has been designed to make collating products easy. This film has a wide range of uses and is commonly used to bundle together items as diverse as plastic extrusions through to lengths of carpet.

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Polythene Bags

I don't know what grade to use?
We stock Light, Medium and Heavy duty bags.

Lets start with Light duty
They are very clear and have a glossy finish
These bags are typically between 100 and 120 gauge (25-30 micron) they are predominantly used for keeping items clean and dust free. Light Duty polythene bags are not good for sharp or heavy objects.

Clothes, papers, buttons etc,, are perfect for Light Duty Polythene Bags

Medium Duty Polythene Bags
Typically our Medium duty bags are between 200 and 250 gauge (50-62 micron). Again they are clear and glossy. Double the thickness of the Light Duty polythene bags means that they are easier to work with.

Heavy Duty Bags
These bags are proper heavy duty, think cement bags. They are between 400 and 500 gauge (100-125 micron) and can handle weights up to 20 Kg without problems.
We are happy to supply samples to help you decide what duty is right for you.

Polythene - What about the Environment?
Our range of polythene products are NOT biodegradable. However, polythene is photodegradable, this means that although they will not breakdown in a landfill site they will breakdown in sunlight. This usually takes around 12 months.

Polythene Bags - Sizing
The majority of our polythene bags are shown in millimetres. 25.4mm to one inch.

Sealing Polythene Bags
We have a range of "seal again" polythene bags that have a press together closure that can be sealed and resealed time after time.
Our range of light, medium and heavy duty polythene bags can be sealed with a heatsealer. These are very cost effective machines that offer the ultimate seal.

Printed Bags
Subject to minimum quantities we can supply printed polythene bags. Just let us know your requirements.

All our range of polythene bags, polythene sheeting, polythene sheeting and grip seal bags are all recyclable.

Food use
All our stock polythene (excluding polythene sheeting and refuse sack) is suitable for food use

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Polythene Layflat Tubing

Important information about dimensions

Our range of polythene layflat tubing is measured when the tubing is laid flat and equates to half the circumference. Therefore a 127mm diameter item will not fit into 127mm wide polythene layflat tubing.

To find the right size layflat tubing for a 127mm diameter item, you need to multiply 127 x 3.152 (pi), which, in this case, equals 400mm. Our nearest available stock size would be 406mm.

What is the best way to seal Polythene Layflat Tubing?
You can tape or staple the ends to seal them, however for the best seal we would recommend that you use a heatsealer.

Can I make polythene bags from Polythene layflat tubing?
Yes you can and many people do. It is very easy to do with a heatsealer and gives you excellent flexibility.

Is Polythene Layflat Tubing Airtight?
No, however it is full watertight!

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Polythene Sheeting

As it is made from recycled materials our range of Polythene Sheeting is not suitable for food use.

We supply we three different grades of polythene sheeting namely:

Light Duty 260g
This is suitable for a dust a sheet. Our black film is often used by gardeners to keep weeds at bay.

Medium Duty 320g
This grade is much stronger and can be used for protecting pallets of goods prior to transportation. It offers good levels of protection and is often used to protect pallets of goods from the elements.

Heavy Duty 1000g
This duty is extremely thick and is often used by the building and marine trade. If you intend to use polythene sheeting as a temporary floor covering use this grade. Be careful that as it can be slippery especially when wet.

Our polythene sheeting is supplied in rolls and centre folded.

1000mm opens out to 2000mm and our 4000mm is multifolded down to a 1000mm wide roll for ease of use.

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PP Strapping

Polypropylene strapping is an excellent method for securing products onto a pallet.

All our PP strapping is 12mm and can be sealed by using standard 12mm seals or strapping buckles.

We have a range of starter kits available (click here) and supply strapping, seals and all associated tools.

They are very easy to use and we are here to offer advice if you need it.

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Heat Sealers

Well we have two ranges PacSeal and ProSeal.

The PacSeal range is available up to 400mm wide and are supplied with a film cutter as standard. They can seal both Polythene and Polypropylene films.

PacSeal Heat sealers are know as "impulse" machines whereby the sealing element only heats up for the split second required to make the seal.

They can seal up to two layers of 250mic (1000 gauge) film

The ProSeal range offers the next generation of heat sealer technology. They are ergonomically designed and are perfect where fast, reliable heat sealing is required. They are simple to operate and are able to seal Polythene, Polypropylene and PVC foil films.

This range of machines won the Reddot award for design in 2008.

Is it ok to seal Cellophane with a heat sealer?
No you cannot seal cellophane with a heat sealer because real Cellophane is paper. However our range of "cellophane" bags are actually oriented polypropylene that can be safely sealed with either PacSeal or ProSeal machines.

My Seal keeps bursting, whats going on?
Its probable that your machine is not set up to provide the correct heat. Click it up a notch at a time until you find the setting that gives you the correct seal.

My Seal looks all crinkly, whats going on?
More than likely its too much heat, take the heat down a notch at a time until you find the setting that gives you the perfect seal.

What's the black stuff on the heating element?

It shouldn't be there and is probably burned polythene residue caused by having the sealer set up too high. Clean it off and reduce the heat. Use trial and error to find the minimum heat you can use to accomplish the perfect seal.

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