Speedy Pack

We are eco-friendly

Packaging has a important role to play within our daily lives, pretty much everything we use, touch or eat has been in contact with packaging of some type.

Obviously this can have an impact on the environment. At SpeedyPack we believe that this impact can be reduced significantly by implementing 3 simple rules

3 Simple Rules -

  • Recycle

    When a product has reached the end of its usefulness and cannot be reused. Its time for it to be recycled this reduces the amount of material being placed in landfill sites, reduces waste disposal costs and can save energy.

  • Reuse

    This is a good option and we think should be practised as often as possible. Obviously it is not always possible and the costs need to be balanced against the suitability of the packaging against the product you wish to package. At SpeedyPack for example, we often reuse cardboard boxes to send out goods to our customers, this makes environmental and economic sense.

  • Reduce

    Where possible try to reduce the packaging you use, a good example of this is a user who buys a stock size cardboard boxes, which although is too big for his product, it is perceived as less expensive than a made to measure option. The void in the carton is then filled with bubblewrap or another medium. This carton of product is then placed on a carriers van and takes up more space than it should, leaving less space on the van for other items...... the costs of oversized packaging can really extend out to way more than we imagine!