Protect Your Packages With Traditional Jiffy Bags – From Speedypack

Jiffy Bags protect goods ensuring they arrive at the destination in prestige condition. Effective packaging is essential whether you are a large online retailer or a small independent seller on eBay. Online sales account for 8.8 of total retail sales in the UK and it is likely to continue rising as we get more reliant on internet shopping. Customers rate companies on their products, service and the condition of the goods on arrival. Therefore it is extremely important to package goods securely.

Protecting Your Packages

The bubble wrap padding in Jiffy Bags protects fragile, valuable and heavy items from damage. An average UPS delivery driver delivers 120 packages of all shapes and sizes every day. Delivery vans are jam-packed with parcels which undoubtedly make contact with each other increasing the chances of damage. Drivers have a very tight schedule to keep and are constantly stopping to make deliveries and accelerating to get to their destination quickly.
The Benefits Of Jiffy Bags

Jiffy Bags are available in a wide range of sizes are puncture resistant and expandable. They are lightweight so they don’t increase delivery costs too much. Labelling Jiffy Bags is easy because you can write on the directly using a marker pen or stick address labels on them. Jiffy Bags are recyclable and reusable which is economical and good for the environment. Bubble wrap is the component of Jiffy Bags that makes them so robust and protective.
Ordering From Speedy Pack

Speedy Pack has Jiffy Bags available in sizes ranging from 107 x 235 mm to 437 x 665 mm. They are made from recycled material and the bubble wrap is recyclable. We have next day delivery for orders before 3 pm. Order directly online or contact us on 0800 756 9984 to discuss a quote.