The Advantages Of Plastic Pallets – And It’s Not Just Eco

Plastic pallets have many advantages over wooden pallets in a wide range of applications. They are durable, recyclable, simple to clean, stackable, easy to transport and suitable for displaying goods. Wooden pallets are difficult to clean and are unsuitable to use in the food industry. Splinters and nails put handlers at risk of injury and they have a tendency to warp making them difficult to reuse.

Advantages Of Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are more expensive initially because they are a long-term investment however they are more versatile than wooden pallets.

Long Lasting And Tough

You can reuse them over 200 times making them suitable for closed looped systems. They withstand the knocks and bumps in transit Wooden pallets are less durable and are only reusable a maximum of twelve times.


They are recyclable and are less likely to end up in the landfill. Wooden pallets require lots of trees and disposing of them is difficult. Companies have fewer ongoing costs because they don’t have to use waste management companies as often.

Lighter And Safer

Plastic pallets are lighter making them easier to transport. They are much safer because there is no risk of getting splinters or catching nails.

Variety Of Uses

They come in many different designs making it easier to store them and use in a variety of applications. Their uniformity makes them easy to stack saving floor space and increasing storage capacity. They are aesthetically pleasing enough to use them to display goods. Cleaning them is easy so they are reusable in the food and drink industry.

Weather Resistant

Wooden pallets fall foul of wet damp weather making them prone to warping and difficult to reuse. Plastic pallets are weatherproof and the bad weather does not cause any structural damage.

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